Beautiful Disaster was optioned for a film. Warner Bros. had bought the rights to the book but those rights have sense reverted back to the author.

From "Books that are optioned seldom make it all the way to the screen. Warner Bros. optioned the film rights for Beautiful Disaster, and that option ended May 13, 2014. I have high hopes that Beautiful Disaster will be a movie some day, but it doesn't look like it will be as soon as we had hoped.

If you would like to help bring Beautiful Disaster to life, please use social media and the hashtag #BeautifulDisasterMovie to contact film/television/production companies like @FickleFishFilms, @SummitEntertainment, @ParamountPics, @DW_pictures, @NewLine_Cinema, and others like @Netflix, and @HBO (I would love to see Beautiful Disaster as a series!) Let them know there is interest





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