Name Shepley
Gender Male
Spouse(s) America Mason
Family Jack Maddox (Father); Deanna Maddox (Mother); Jim Maddox (Uncle); Dianne Maddox (Aunt; Deceased); Thomas Maddox (Cousin); Taylor Maddox (Cousin); Tyler Maddox (Cousin); Trent Maddox (Cousin); Travis Maddox (Cousin & Best Friend); Abby Abernathy-Maddox (Cousin-in-law)
Job Student

Shepley "Shep" Maddox is the best friend, roommate and double-cousin of Travis Maddox. Travis' mother, Dianne, and Shepley's mother, Deanna, were sisters. Jim and Jack Maddox are brothers. Shepley is an only child but grew up as if he was the youngest and sixth Maddox brother. Thomas and Shepley look the most alike, particularly with their hazel eyes.


Shepley is described how lean, brawny , tall , has honey eyes and brown hair


Shepley is often described as calm with the innate ability to put those around him at ease and to diffuse volatile situations. He is described as a serial relationship guy, in direct opposition to Travis, who is a ladies man before meeting Abby. In Beautiful and Walking Disaster, Travis teases Shepley for his moping when his past relationships ended. Shepley has no tattoos.


Shepley (Shep) is currently in a relationship with America Mason, whom he met during Freshman orientation. He is a member of the Sigma Tau fraternity, same as all the Maddox men. Travis and Shepley live off-campus in a two-bedroom apartment. It is insinuated that while Shepley, America and Abby are freshmen, Travis is a sophomore. Shepley helps to organize Travis' fights in The Circle by spreading the word and by profiting from the kitty. Shepley and America's relationship directly led to Abby meeting Travis at one of Travis' fights. Shep loves America dearly, and their relationship progresses througought the story. Shep and America were also the ones who knew about Travis' feelings for Abby, and they tried to hint that to Abby over and over again. 

In the Books

In Beautiful Disaster, Shep helps Abby Abernathy escape the apartment the night after the Bet expired, which enrages Travis.


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