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Trenton Allen Maddox

Name Trenton Allen Maddox
Gender Male
Spouse(s) Camille "Cami" Camilin- He proposes in the second book of the series, Maddox Brothers, Beautiful Redemption.
Family Shepley (cousin); Jim (father-deceased); Diane (mother - deceased); Thomas (brother); Travis (brother); Tyler (brother); Taylor (brother);
Job Tattoo artist at Skin Deep Tattoo

Trenton Maddox is a reoccurring male character of Beautiful Disaster, mentioned by name then has his first appearance in Chapter 12 and is the male lead of the first book of the Maddox Brothers series Beautiful Oblivion, he is the second youngest of the five brothers. His mother Diane died of cancer when he was five years old. He was a student of Eastern State University until he was in a car accident that caused him to live back home with his father Jim Maddox. He drives a dilapidated Dodge Intrepid. He also close friend to Olive, his father's next door neighbours' daughter, who he babysits every now and them. ==Appearance== Like Travis and his older brothers, excluding Thomas, Trenton is described as lean and muscular, and covered in tattoos. He has buzzed brown hair and brown eyes. He also has a small scar near his left temple. Like Travis, Taylor and Tyler, he has his mother's name on his left forearm, and he has Mackenzie's, the girl that he was in some sort of relationship with prior to the accident, name underneath. ==Trivia== * Trenton has a form of anxiety that prevents him from being a passenger in a car due to the accident he was in. This is shown every time he is with Cami, and he always tell her he has to drive her. *According to Cami, he used to eat glue and red pencils fairly in Mrs. Brandt's class, which he always denies. * According to Travis, he is the only one who can lay a punch on him. * As promised in this book, in the second book of the series, Beautiful Redemption at Travis' bucks' night, he dances to Britney Spears in a yellow thong and wig, covered in body glitter before proposing to Camille "Cami" Camilin * After the event at the end of the novel, he discovers the true identity of Cami's ex-boyfriend: T.J